24 January, 2015

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The monsters sharing their bed and heated blanket.


Making 60# of fudge requires a lot of ingredients.


What the world obviously needs is more cat photos!

Homemade Falafel

Delicately crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, it wasn't quite what he was going for. The white bean yogurt sauce was good though, and so were the fried chickpeas.

Ferraro Rocher cake

This is a great cake that I got from the Polish deli in Norwalk. They're a distributor for New Style Bakery in Brooklyn, which describes their cake as containing "almond-walnut meringue, almond-chocolate cream, apricot jam" in addition to layers of chocolate cake topped with chocolate curls and roasted hazelnuts. The downside is that it's a cake that's very easy to keep eating because it has so many flavors in it.

Making pasta for the first time

Thank you, Mom. Great xmas present!

A visit from the monk parakeets