15 May, 2008

A Terrible Secret


I have a secret. Before I enlighten the bored world, let me go into a bit of history.

In General, I don't really like reality shows. The drama just annoys me. All the infighting, the petty, stupid politics, and the bad editing just kill me. I hate them all.

That being said, I've actually started watching Hell's Kitchen. I enjoy it. I don't enjoy everything that I mentioned above about it, but I Do enjoy the look into a line kitchen. It also gives me ideas of dishes that I need to learn how to cook. However, in my defense, I do watch it on my computer, so I can skip the annoying parts. So, here are some of the ideas.

Sugar Work (caramel, candies, etc)
Sauces (not just the normal stuff)
How to plan a multicourse menu to compliment itself

Anyway, that's it for now.

09 May, 2008

there's never enough R2-D2

This morning Banik sent me a link for commercial by Nikko. If I had absurd amounts of money to burn I could now have an R2-D2 projector and/or webcam of my very very own. Actually one set for me to play with and one set to keep in the original packaging. Banik would have to get his own.

Prices for this awesomeness?

the R2-D2 Projector + Millenium Falcon remote is $2900
the R2-D2 Webcam + Lightsaber remote and IP phone is $400

05 May, 2008

have yourself a purple cow

For an awesome milkshake combine:
- raspberry sherbert
- vanilla ice cream
- milk

Nobody measures anything for a milkshake, but I can say it was probably about [1 sherbert : 1.5 ice cream] and enough milk to make it work. Introduce to a blender and pour into mugs which have been chilling in the freezer. If you don't need fat drinking straws for the milkshake (ie. not the standard skinny ones) you used too much milk.

This would probably be awesome with any berry sherbert, but then I like berries. And I'd like to try a ratio that is higher in sherbert. And a version that uses vanilla frozen yogurt. And possibly also adding fresh or frozen berries. The possibilities are endless.

Useless factoid: A "white cow" is a vanilla milkshake, and a "brown cow" is chocolate.

Bonus useless factoid: Milkshakes were originally marketed as a health food. (Now that's a health food I could love.)

04 May, 2008

The Lamentable Lost Recipes

On occasion, enLethe and I will cook something for the first time that turns out extra tasty. Unfortunately, we are not always studious when it comes to recording the process. So much for the cornerstone of the scientific method.

There are a couple examples of this that I can think of off the top of my head, the first of which is the bane of enLethe's culinary existence: Fried Zuchinni.

At one point while she was visiting me at school, we made fried zuchinni. It was Excellent, so she claims. All I can remember is that it was deep fried and it involved an egg bath and some seasoned flour with white pepper in it. We'll figure out what it was, one day.

The other is some rice pudding that we made over our last spring break. We used purple sticky rice, which gave it an amazing color, and the pudding itself was excellent. I know I based it on two different recipes for purple sticky rice rice pudding, and that it involved a vanilla bean, german cinnamon, real cinnamon, eggs, milk, and... I don't know what else. I need to research the proportions. 1# of rice.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll post more after the last couple weeks of school are over. Who Knows.