30 December, 2009

Star Wars in Concert : Wookiee Concept Art

There were many pieces of concept art, and despite taking pictures of all of them I'm sad to say that the glare off of the plexiglass resulted in many of the photos being less than clearly understandable. These, however, are pretty good. All three are concept art drawings of the Wookies and Wookiee Homeworld drawn for SW3.

19 December, 2009

never walk into a Polish deli and just ask for Kielbasa

Despite what most American grocery stores would lead us to believe, there is apparently more than one kind of kielbasa. We've sampled several kinds from the aptly named "Polish Delicatessen" a few minutes away from us, and I have to say that they're all pretty good. Since we can never remember which is which however, a need has developed to make a list.

Banik's favourite thus far. It's well balanced and spiced, smokey, and has a good snap.

A lighter kielbasa, not very smokey but with a good snap and texture.

Similar to the Mielon, but with garlic and more salt.

Banik's second favourite thus far. It's a smokey kielbasa with a large grain and moderate density.

This is a hard, double-smoked kielbasa with a peppery flavour. It's not good for eating on a bun, but it's great to just eat alone or with cheese and such.

Which is my favourite? I think they're all good in different ways.

01 December, 2009

iHelp™ towel service

Are you tired of getting out of the shower and grabbing a cold towel? Well those days are over thanks to the iHelp™ towel service. Just place your towel on the shelf, and it'll be warmed by a kitten in no time at all!
This Chewbacca model prefers to warm towels that belong to Banik and have been placed on the top bathroom shelf. Just look at him hard at work.
Just don't expect to use the towel ever again.