30 November, 2008

iHelp™ Management Services

Can't do it yourself? Kittens are here to help! Furniture assembly, food preparation, sleep posture analysis- they do it all!

"Yes, he's doing fine. I'll call you if he screws up."

27 November, 2008

Cats, Plants and Shredders. They just shouldn't mix.

We didn't do anything?
Oh, wait. Okay, maybe we did that.

21 November, 2008

18 November, 2008

Enchilada Recipe

So, the other day we decided to make some enchiladas. At first, we were going to use a recipe that a friend from mexico gave me, but, honestly, that really didn't sound all that authentic. At least it didn't match this gringo's preconception of mexican food, so that was good enough.

Here's how we made it:

2 Chicken Breasts
3/4tsp cumin
1/4tsp chili powder
1/4tsp granulated garlic
1tsp liquid smoke
1 poblano
2 cloves garlic
hot sauce to taste
corn tortillas
16oz queso fresca (crumbly white mexican cheese, could also use Jack, pepper Jack, white American)
1 can of red enchilada sauce (28oz)

2 chicken breasts
-3/4 tsp cumin
-1/4 tsp chili powder
in a covered pan. Near the end of cooking, I added a dash of smoke flavoring, and then allowed the chicken to rest. After allowing it to cool and rest, shred it with a fork

While the chicken is resting, put 4oz of your cheese into a bowl along with the minced garlic and diced poblano and a dash of hot sauce- I found that a chipotle type I prefer tied in with the chicken flavors well.

Shred the chicken using 2 forks and put into the bowl along with the above. Add 20-25% of the enchilada sauce and mix thoroughly. This is where you will now add salt, pepper, more hot sauce, etc, to taste. Remember that the flavours will be ameliorated slightly by the addition of the tortillas and cheese.

Now it's time to roll the enchiladas. Warm your corn tortillas slightly under a damp towel in the microwave. Lightly coat the bottom of your casserole dish with enchilada sauce. Now, simply put your chicken filling into each tortilla in turn, roll, and place into the dish. I would guess we used somehwere around 2 ounces of filling per tortilla, being careful not to over fill. After all of the filling has been used up, pour the remaining enchilada saouce over the enchiladas, put the rest of the cheese over that, and bake at 400 until the cheese is slightly rowned on top.

This turned out to be rather tasty. I'd also recommend throwing a pinch of oregano into the filling, as it's also a traditional mexican herb.

Good Eating.

16 November, 2008

so cute... when they're Asleep

I counter this by saying that Shade is currently running around the apartment yowling because Banik is frying Bacon. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a pork fiend on our hands.

And now Chewie is also running around yowling. /sigh

15 November, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

Oh it's a lovely day here in CT- what with the overcast skies and drizzle and fog and thunder. Naturally something like posting a picture or two of kittens will counteract this problem. We're still about 1.5 months behind on Kitten Posts, so I should maybe submit more often....

To control the feline scratching we first got them one of these hanging type scratchers. They hated it. It moved around too much, made noise, and just generally didn't meet their approval. So we looked around and found them a lovely piece of kitten furniture to destroy. Amusingly enough they knew exactly what it was and started trying to scratch on it even before it was fully assembled.

13 November, 2008

iHelp™ Laundry Protection

I'm pleased to announce that the same fine kittens who brought you the Kitten Alarm Systems™ are introducing a line called iHelp™. I'm sure they will bring you many innovative products in the future, but today I'd like to tell you about iHelp™ Laundry Protection!

If you're tired of critters using your clothing storage for a dining destination iHelp™ Laundry Protection is designed with you in mind. Simply place the Protector into your closet or armoir, and his pointy vigilance will keep away any would-be snackers. iHelp™ Laundry Protection is compact, sturdy, and flexible enough to fit your space availability.

11 November, 2008

Chewie vs. The Harness

To honor the vets in our families and my neighbor/surrogate-little-sister (who turns all of like, 17 today), I give you: a video of our cat fighting a harness. Get yourself some nice cheese products and enjoy the show.

07 November, 2008

Buttercup Squash Quiche

Howdy folks.

Last night, I decided that the buttercup squash that has been sitting on the kitchen floor for the past week or two needed to have greater aspirations that 'kitten toy in a noisy plastic bag.'

At first, I wanted to make a squash soup, but our curry powder is in another state, so that was out. Instead, I decided that a quiche was the way to go. So, here's how it goes:

Saute` (all chopped)
1 small onion
3 cloves garlic
2-3 slices of bacon
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 T fresh cilantro
1/2c mushrooms

Cook (roast or microwave) your buttercup squash and scrape out the innards from half of it. Let it cool awhile, then mix it with:

3/4c milk
4 beaten eggs
1c shredded cheese (I used white cheddar)

Combine the cooled sauted items and the custard-squash mixture. Pour this into a quiche dished that has been lined with your favorite pie crust.

Bake @ 375 until done. The pie crust will brown and when you shake the dish, the center will not act liquid. Let it rest for 15 minutes or so.

This turned out Very well. The buttercup squash tastes buttery and lends an excellent texture and umami to the quiche. You could leave out the bacon and it'd be vegetarian. And it's all rather healthy- the worst part would be the pie crust, or bacon >.>

Anyway, enjoy!

02 November, 2008

Kittens' First Autumn

At the end of September the trees of CT started turning, and I brought the boys their first leaf. They weren't really sure what to do with it, but they were curious. The next morning we found it shredded on the bathroom floor.

Feline Games

Have we mentioned that the cats enjoy gaming? They don't play much themselves, but they do enjoy helping Banik play Team Fortress 2. Chewie happily provides point-blank observation, tactical critiques, and class recommendations whenever Banik wants. And some times when he doesn't.