23 August, 2012

BFM Cuvee Alex Le Rouge

Dark opaque brownish black with a hint of cloudiness and no head. Smells of sour like raspberry and chocolate.
Reasonably silky mouth feel, especially for a sour. High carbonation, touch of moderate sour, then darkness. There's a pause between the sour and the chocolate and then immediately dark roasted bitter.

21 August, 2012

mission brewery dark seas, russian imperial stout

Quickly dissipating chocolate head. Appears dark and opaque, only a bit of translucence at the edges.

Aroma is overwhelmingly of chocolate milk made with hershey's chocolate syrup.

Clean, dark bitterness on the front which clears and moves to a toasty, roasty long finish which lingers and a touch of the chocolate from the nose.

This is good beer.

It's a bit thin, sweet, and strong for lots of drinking.

19 August, 2012

Wells Banana Bread Beer

Very good brown ale. Definitely reminiscent of bananas and grain in the finish. Much better and less campy than I expected.