21 May, 2009

because my mom will think it's cool

This is the sort of thing you see every day in the parking lot behind my office- clunkers mixed with sports cars. My well-loved teal Ford is in the foreground, and there's a Corvette two spaces away.
I know you really just want to see the Corvette.
I still maintain that the back ends look dumb.
And this is the part for Mom. No, it's not just any old Corvette. Yes, when it's warm and relatively dry someone drives this to work every day.

11 May, 2009

employment causes abandonment issues

Banik has been a stay-at-home dad ever since we got the kittens. Sure we do stuff on weekends or evenings, and he had evening classes for a while- but he was always home all day.
But he's been gone all day. And now all they're doing is watching the window and running around looking for him.
They're probably blaming me for this. When he's not here and I come home without him, the cats act like I forgot him some place. Apparently I'm careless with their human.

03 May, 2009


We did an SCA workshop yesterday and took four kinds of handpies to share. The savory ones were filled with beef pot roast or chicken molé (which used the leftover sauce from the burritos). One type of fruit pie contained sweet potatoes with toasted pecans and coconut; the other had a mixed berry filling. We used Alton Brown's recipe for the pastry (weighed the flour and shortening, used skim milk), and got a good 15-16 per batch. All were well received, but since it was all rather rushed we forgot to take pictures. I'm sure there will be more later.