26 January, 2013

Hoppin' Frog BORIS

Thick dark brown, very little head, but a touch of it is chocolate brown. Sweet, chocolatey, roasted nose.

Smooth on the tongue and deceptively easy drinking for a 9.5% beer. The dominant flavor is of roast near the end of the flavor, preceded by a full bodied sweetness.

Good beer. Not always my favorite style.

19 January, 2013

Leipziger Bier Spezialitat Gose

Pours a slightly hazy golden worth coriander on the nose. It almost tastes salty, with coriander and a hint of golden sour.
It's not bad, sort of word, but good. Probably very tasty when it's hot out.

Hitachino Nipponia

Pours an orange golden with very little head. I get a hint of sweetness on the nose, but not much else.

First taste puts me in the mind of a marzen. Malty and rounded, a hint of sweet, amd then an interesting tang of bitterness at the end. There's also a very light fruitiness throughout. This is good, a flavorful lighter beer.

Full Sail Ltd Edition Lager

Pours a rich black worth a slight head. Smells very clean, with only the slightest hint of darkness on the nose. First taste us slightly bitter leaving off to roasty followed by a clean finish.

This is a very good beer- try it if you can find it.

16 January, 2013

Ommegang XV Anniversary

Pours a deep reddish mahogany with a quickly dissipating head. Dark stonefruit nose, sweet. First sip is initially that ommegang yeast soapy character I don't generally enjoy, but my palette is soon overwhelmed by black cherries. It makes it more than drinkable. There's a slight cloying aftertaste, with more black cherries and plums and peaches, what you'd expect from a good dark candi syrup addition.

Well balanced, as it's almost ten percent alcohol.

10 January, 2013

Russian River Pliny the Elder

Pours a light golden, with a limited, lacy head that persists. Nose of west coast hops, with a touch of sweet chocolate.

Good hop presence, not overwhelming, well balanced. Very clean finish, which might be the best party of the beer, next to the balance.

Really, ghandi bot is just as good, if not better. Not that this isn't an awesome ipa. Just not something I will trade for again.

03 January, 2013

Saranac Wet Hop IPA

Dark pale ale color- orangeish. Not much hop aroma at all. It tastes soapy. I'll drink it, buy I won't get it again.

01 January, 2013

Oude Kriek

Pours a fizzy red, with a quickly dissipating head. Smells of suite fermentation with an overlay of sour cherries.

Holy bejesus- sour. It reminds me of the 2010 riserva from weyerbacher. Sour enough to make your teeth hurt, in a good way.

Very tasty.