19 September, 2012

Captain Lawrence St. Vincent's Dubbel

Pours a dark amber with only a little head. Smells a little belgiany and of dark fruits. Very good flavor. Carbonation in to a slightly chocolatey, slightly sweet, slightly roasty flavor that tapers and sticks with you as an after taste.

Very good beer. Buy it.

13 September, 2012

Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious

Pours golden with little head. Smells fruity, somewhat citrusy, and sweet. Thick and somewhat carbonated, with lots of alcohol notes, finished with a very tasty sweet flavor. Like the nose.

Overall, better towards the end, but probably wouldn't get again.

05 September, 2012

La Meule

Pours a light golden hazy. Very little lacy head. Smells belgian, but not cloying. Had that dry, belgian, brett-y nose. golden ale start, but then I get the sage. Good body, bitterness on the end.

Good, but probably won't buy again.

Lamb Virgin

First time I've ever cooked lamb before. Until tonight.

I got a boneless leg of lamb from costco. Marinated for 1 day, ground it up with the coarse blade, turned it in to patties, and left it another day. Grilled them up, put it on toasted, buttered soft portugese rolls.

2 sprigs fresh rosemary
2 stems lemon thyme
2 stems citrus mint
2T salt
5 cloves garlic
heaping scoop of grainy mustard
Olive oil

Puree, lather, refrigerate.

03 September, 2012

Rochefort 10

Similar to the 6 and 8.
All of them are ok, but I need to bein the mood for something sweet.

Rochefort 8

Not as heady, smell is like the 6, but... Almost a little cheese?

Not as much carbonation, better balance, not as cloying.

It's adequate.

Rochefort 6

Pours a slightly hazy medium brown with tones of amber. Highly carbonated, smells like candy a bit-sweet and fresh.

Very carbonated, followed by a bit of candi flavor and then a little crispness. Not bad.