06 August, 2011


Technically we've had a small Chocolate Stripe and an unfortunate incident that's about to become a fried green tomato, but I think this is the first real harvest. From left to right these cherry tomatoes are: Gardener's Delight, Blondkopfchen, and something incorrectly labeled as Marvel Stripe that may actually be Stupice. There are more green on the vine and lots of flowers, so we look forward to trying everything else in the coming months.

02 August, 2011


Schneider Weiss Clone
OG 1.073
FG 1.015

Arrogant Bastard Clone
OG 1.120
FG 1.022

Fuller's ESB
OG 1.066
FG 1.016

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
OG 1.091
Racking: 1.031