14 June, 2009

Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival

We went out here yesterday, and although it was two hours of driving each way I think it was worth it. We got to look at a lot of venders, see some SCA folks from the Barony of the Bridge, taste some white honey mead, and look at clan tents. We watched a sheep herding demo, caber toss, hammer throw, and weight for height. We listened to a harp demo, fiddlers, and a couple pipe and drum bands. It was an all-around good time, except for the insufficient number of smoked turkey legs (which has actually plagued Banik on many such occasions). Below is a clip of one of the pipe and drum bands- sadly I don't know their name.

On the way home we also stopped in Mystic, CT to walked around and then stopped in Hamden, CT for sushi. It was a good day.

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