06 February, 2014

Meanwhile, two feet away

Shade refuses to acknowledge the camera.

The next afghan

Guess who just decided my next afghan was finally big enough to lay on?

02 February, 2014

iHelp crochet

Crocheting is great, but stitching too long probably causes something terrible like sore muscles or carpel tunnel syndrome. Avoid strain with the iHelp crochet system. Simply arrange your project on your lap as if you intended work, and a representative will monitor your progress to ensure that you don't overtax yourself.

iHelp cuisine testing

You never know how good dinner is going to be, especially if you're having shrimp. They could be mealy. They could be rubbery. If only you had someone to test your food! iHelp can take care of that for you though. Simply leave your plate unattended on an accessible surface, and a representative will ensure that anything on your plate worth eating is thoroughly tested!

striped green afghan

Here is my latest project before heading to the washer. It's about 40"x47", and since everyone keeps asking me about time- this took 30 hours. Chewbacca has been very helpful on this afghan, so he's going to be sad to see it go out in the mail.