27 December, 2011

Weihensteohaner Korbinian Doppelbock

Dark amber in appearance, thin, lacy head. Moderately sweet nose- I've smelled it before but don't know the proper term- is it malty?

Almost no bitterness. Hints of rotated light cherry, with the same sweet character in the front. Slightly heavy mouth feel at first, but it dissipates quickly after swallowing.

Not bad, good, but not my style, I think.

26 December, 2011

Stillwater Artisanal American Farmhouse Ale

Opened to a bit of foaming, but only lost a drop or two. Moderately hazy medium brown, with a touch of amber in its depths.

Belgian yeast notes on the nose, with a hint of spice. Medium roast flavor, very well balanced. Carbonation, followed by roasty notes, finished with a crisp and lingering bitterness. Notes of alcohol at the very end (not bad for 7.2%).

Great twist on a brown ale.

25 December, 2011

Merry Christmas

I keep hearing the strangest sounds coming from under the tree...

03 December, 2011

Weihenstephaner Vitus

Very good beer. A little ester-y, suspended yeast, creamy head, very good flavor.