30 January, 2008

more Star Wars!

I found out about these Lego Stormtroopers in December. I've been very good and not bought any despite having a weakness for SW stuff. But I figure that if I'm going to collect anything it has to be really neat- you know, like SW stuff. >.> Now if only people would get the hint and get me stuff like that instead of things a-la-girly-bath-and-body-products.

maybe it's just a phase... again

I'm having another stage of Star Wars obsession- they do tend to come and go- and it's not really helping me get things done for real life.

There are 3D puzzles. Over break I built the Imperial Star Destroyer, and I'm still working on the Millennium Falcon at home. Now I find that there's an R2D2 and a model an Anakin's Jedi Fighter that I'd never even seen before I found them online tonight. You know, while I should have been working.

Banik went and got me playing the SW Pocket Model TCG (trading card game, for those like me who had no reason to know that). First it was a pack so that I could build the little ships in it; they are SW after all. Then it was another pack because the ships were neat. Then it was 4 more because when he talked me into trying to play with only 2 packs we really didn't have enough ships and cards to do much. Now he's hoping that this is the gateway drug into me actually taking up miniature gaming, and I'm hoping that I don't just keep buying and building these neat little starships. Oh, and they have a ground assault version. Guess how many packs you have to buy to get yourself an AT-AT model.

Banik also has this book that I've been reading about the behind-the-scenes stuff. Because what I really need is even more esoteric SW trivia knowledge. And he's been mentioning all the SW novels; since I read a few years ago it's rather piqued my interest in them again.

I've watched all the movies in the last week or so, and if I'd had time I probably would've watched all the extras as well. I've also been poking around on a few of my more preferred SW webpages, but I shouldn't talk about that now. I think I'm in enough trouble as it is. Maybe I'll go photoshop something.

24 January, 2008

Coming Soon!

We will get our respective acts together and post something.

We've been... busy. And we have a lot to talk about if only we can remember what it is that we should be posting about. Coming Attractions include:

Shaharazade's in Shep
The Anvil in Harpers Ferry
Thai Hut in Martinsburg
Asian Garden in Martinsburg
The Three Birds in Corning
Wegmans in Corning
Empire China in Martinsburg (which is probably the wrong place, but I never remember the name >.>)
Viva Mexico in Inwood
Cyros in .... wherever it is

Actual Cooking!
Adventures with Wheat Bread
Fun with Pizza Stones
Milkshake Machines and Disappointment
Sweet Potato Fries, Mandolins (not the kind you play), and Learning Curves
Other Things We Frantically Try to Cook Before Returning to School

And Also!
The Corning Museum of Glass
The Hillcrest Manor
Dr. Frank's Vineyards
Bully Hill Vineyards