18 January, 2009

Boxaholism is a sad, sad thing.

Role Models

Chewie's two favourite shows are Jeopardy and Dirty Jobs. You would expect something from FoodNetwork to be in there, but he hates associating food with work.

iHelp™ Adminstrative Assistance

Here you can see Shade taking a break from typing dictation to skip through mp3s. He gets cranky if he has to listen to too many Fall Out Boy songs in a row; it breaks his concentration. He's pretty good at typing... until he gets tired and falls asleep on the keyboard and writes 3 pages of "k"s and commas.

17 January, 2009

Krumpe's Do-nuts

So we were just watching an Alton Brown segment about doughnut shops, and I was struck by the terrible realization that a few weeks ago we went all the way home for the first time since August- but we didn't have any Krumpe's Donuts.

Normally I'd post a lovely photo of how pretty and delicious they are, but I obviously can't take a picture since I don't have any fricking donuts. If you live in the Hagerstown, MD, area you need to go to Krumpe's right now and enjoy the warm, fresh-from-the-cooling-rack awesomeness. They aren't as good the next day and certainly wouldn't hold up to shipping, but you could have some... if it weren't Saturday night. Okay, go tomorrow night.

As for us, Banik is already in the kitchen working on some donuts, and it wasn't even 10 minutes ago that he watched the clip.

16 January, 2009

Up Close with Chewbacca

"You're a very handsome cat, Chewbacca."
"You're bothering me. Rub my tummy or go away."

12 January, 2009

Early November in CT

It's like a blogging extravaganza! Actually I'm cleaning my hard drive, and I have time to kill while DVDs burn. Enjoy it while it lasts.
This is the japanese maple in the front yard. The canopy is at eye level from our living room, so it was a great view. Then one day we got up and all the leaves were on the ground.
Now the leaves are covered with a few inches of snow and sealed with ice. >.<


Before: "We love you So Much!"

After: "Get away from me. I'm busy."

And the next day when they were exploring the dryer the irony was almost too much to bear:

Jack-o-lantern Spectacular

Next year, someone remind me about this. It was an amazing event, and we have 60+ pictures of it. We'll do a photo a day or something for October. Hmm. 60+. Maybe for September and October. And then we'll all carve our own and post them. Pumpkins rock.


To these two outside is where the birds and squirrels are- and those logs that they enjoy sniffing, climbing, and trying to catch their leashes on.

As it turns out you can get a harness onto a cat and then put him on a leash without dying of blood loss. But you can't walk him. Oh No. He goes wherever he wants knowing that if you really want him to go (or not go) somewhere you'll pick him up and carry him.

11 January, 2009

Hillcrest Manor

I'm archiving photos, and I found the ones of the B&B. The master suite is on the second floor where you can see the curtains drawn back.

This is from the Corning, NY trip a few blog entries ago.

up Here

You know, I don't miss the suffering of being a grad student. At all.

But I do miss the people. Enter Lin.

08 January, 2009


The problem with watching Food Network is that you get Ideas. It doesn't matter what you were planning to have for dinner because it all goes up in smoke. Last night we watched the Falafel episode of Throwdown, and we decided that tonight we'd go to a little falafel restaurant we'd seen on Rt. 1.

Falafel Inn is a tiny place with pretty awesome food. They had pictures for us less-knowledgable people, and they were very friendly.

Clockwise from the upper left we had Chicken Shawafel, Falafel, Lamb Shawarma, salad, hummus, some other salad, babaganush, more salad, some sort of tahini dressing, and pitas. The Shawafel was my favourite. We'll probably skip the platters next time because the rice is superfluous.

05 January, 2009


From October 19 (yes, we're still that far behind on kitten footage):

02 January, 2009

Corning, NY

About a year ago Banik and I visited Corning, NY, for "academic research" and had a pretty good time. The Corning Museum of Glass is something else, and for the record glassmaking was totally relevant to my thesis.

We stayed at the Hillcrest Manor, which was beautiful. (I found a photo and posted it here.) The hosts were great and served a tasty breakfast each morning. The master suite was lovely (though you do have to trade a shower for the double walled cast iron tub), and their glass collection is rather awesome.

Before we left the Finger Lakes Region we drove to a few vineyards before we left, and Bully Hill Vineyards was the favourite. The atmosphere was casual, the marketing was amusing, and the salesperson was knowledgable. He could talk about the differences between the wines Banik was tasting and answer all his questions, but he never acted superior. We left with a bottle of Ravat 51 and one of Sweet Walter Red (both are rather sweet wines)- and for a great price. Alas, they cannot send wine to CT.

We also stopped at a couple of less awesome wineries. Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Winery was pretentious, and I don't even remember the name of the wine that we bought for a gift. Heron Hill Winery showed promise, but apparently their visiting hours are something of a suggestion. We went all the way up there after they were supposed to have opened, and even though we walked around they pretended we weren't there. >.< CMoG, Hillcrest Manor, Bully Hill: all awesome.